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STT Residential Green Heat, Inc. (STT RGH) is a Lithuanian-Canadian business partnership created to introduce wood-fired, engineered, hydronic home heating (H3) systems to Canada.


These types of systems have been used in Europe for decades, but the concept has been slow to catch on in Canada (and North America)--until now. 


The systems that STT RGH are bringing to Canada are high efficiency, engineered, scalable and adaptable systems for H3:


  • Wood-fired boilers - cordwood, pellets or briquets
  • Scalable boilers and heat accumulation tanks
  • System design integrates seamlessly with and conforms to North American construction norms
  • Thermal-activated valve and preheating loop design provides staged, on-demand hot water and heat delivery
  • Designed to expand to accept additional heat sources; e.g., hot water solar, photovoltaic solar, wind, hydroelectric, heat pumps
  • Can function as standalone systems, or as part of a dual system, along with a conventional heat source

If you would like more information about our systems or if you would like to be placed on our contact list, please get in touch with us at

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