Scientific Technical
Translation Incorporated

With 25 years of technical experience, STTI SE's Principal Engineer, Saulius Fidleris, leads the STTI SE division, which provides technical services in the following areas:


Communication-Based Train Control (CBTC) System Safety Engineering

  • STTI SE's main expertise, focused on the CBTC product lines of Thales Rail Signalling Solutions (TRSS).
  • Since 1985, from the world's first (Vancouver SkyTrain) to the world's longest (Dubai Metro Red/Green Line) driverless metro.
  • Key knowledge/skills: CBTC system safety lifecycles, rail industry standards, safety strategy, system/hardware/software safety architecture, mentoring and training.

Nuclear Risk Assessment, Safety and Engineering

  • Experience focused on the Canadian nuclear sector - AECL, Canadian Forces, CANDU Owners Group (COG), NRC.
  • Radiological risk assessment, human factors analysis.
  • Technical revision of scientific and technical material.
  • Project management and technical guidance for the translation of nuclear-related subjects.
  • Broad familiarity with nuclear physics, engineering, safety and risk assessment.


Scientific and Technical Editing, Translation, Localisation and QA

  • Multilingual translation and localisation services since 1991, serving engineering, high technology, manufacturing and software companies and research bodies worldwide.
  • Technical editing and revision for over 600 scientific conference papers, engineering reports and analyses, other technical material.


Hybrid Services

  • Ad hoc or one-off, unique tasks in one or more diverse areas that require a skill-set base that spans the arts, sciences, humanities and business.
  • Literature, subject or terminology research, recording/transcription of scientific events/meetings.
  • Facilitation of technical exchanges between non-native-English-speaking participants in multinational work settings, through the establishment of clear and unambiguous linguistic and technical communication.


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