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Communication-Based Train Control (CBTC) System Safety Engineering is STTI SE's main expertise, focused on the CBTC product lines of Thales Rail Signalling Solutions (TRSS).

STTI SE's Principal engineer, Mr. Saulius Fidleris, has worked actively in this field since 1985, participating in the commissioning of Canada's first CBTC system, Scarborough RT, in 1985 and the world's first CBTC UTO metro, Vancouver SkyTrain in 1986, to the world's longest CBTC UTO metro, Dubai Metro Red/Green Line.


STTI SE's knowledge and skills are concentrated in the following areas:

  • CBTC system safety lifecycles, 
  • Rail industry standards, 
  • Safety strategy, 
  • System, hardware and software safety architectures, and 
  • Mentoring and training.


Technical Experience - Metros Worldwide
STTI SE has built up two decades of experience in CBTC safety assessment, analysis and verification, strategy, standards compliance, mentoring and training since 1985:
  • Click here to view  STTI SE's experience with CBTC metros in Europe, the Middle East and Africa.
  • Click here to view  STTI SE's experience with CBTC metros in the Americas. 
  • Click here to view  STTI SE's experience with CBTC metros in Asia. 

CBTC System Safety Engineering Solutions
STTI SE supports the CBTC industry by providing a wide array of safety engineering solutions:
  • Safety program planning and strategisation in conformance with international safety standards.
  • A full array of risk and safety assessment and analysis, ad hoc or as part of safety lifecycle tasks.
  • Safety assessment of safety programs in progress.
  • Facilitation of safety engineering interaction beteween multinational subcontractors working together on CBTC projects; e.g., interface hazard communication, acceptance and coordinated mitigation.
  • Training and mentoring in safety concepts, from basic to advanced methods, as well as corporate safety culture.

For more information about STTI SE, or to discuss possible collaboration and request a cost estimate, please contact us.