Scientific Technical
Translation Incorporated

STTI Safety Engineering has been involved since the mid-80s in projects in the Americas.


The table below shows selected projects from this region. For CBTC-related translation work, go to (link to CBTC translations (coming soon)).



Metro Project Rev. Service CBTC Type Responsibilities, Key Tasks
  Vancouver, BC       
    SkyTrain Expo Line 1986 UTO Safety analysis, RAM support.
    SkyTrain Millennium Line 2002 UTO Safety analysis, RAM support.
    Canada Line (CL) 2009 UTO Development of (preliminary, design, final) safety cases for SIL4, automated central restart function. Function developed as “product”, i.e., generic function; validation & verification (V&V) carried out using CL project implementation.
    SkyTrain Switch Control Upgrade 2010 UTO Data communication safety analysis.
  Toronto, ON      
    Scarborough RT Line 1985 DTO Safety analysis, RAM support.
United States of America
  San Francisco, CA

    MUNI - Market Street Tunnel 1997  DTO Safety lifecycle, safety analysis support.
  Tampa, FL
    Tampa Airport APM 1992 UTO Safety analysis, RAM support. Safety support for new product design development for Tampa (1st gen. Low-Density Control System (LDCS)).
  Greater New York City    
    Newark Int'l Airport APM 1996 UTO Safety analysis, RAM support for 2nd generation LDCS.
    NYC Transit - Bergen Street 2006 n/a Electronic Interlocking – Interface Controller FMECA (new product).
  Detroit, MI      
    Downtown People Mover 1987 UTO Safety analysis support.