Scientific Technical
Translation Incorporated


STTI Safety Engineering has been involved since the late 90s in projects in Asia.


The table below shows selected projects from this region. For CBTC-related translation work, go to (link to CBTC translations (coming soon)).


Metro Project Rev. Service CBTC Type Responsibilities, Key Tasks
People's Republic of China
  Hong Kong
    Mah On Shan (MOS) Line  2004  DTO Safety analysis support, including Crossline Operation, Engineer’s Train Close-Up FSAs.
    Disneyland Resort Line (DRL)  2005  UTO SHA, Presence Detection FSA.
    KCRC West Rail (WR)  2003  DTO Safety analysis updates, IHA between WR and MOS.
    Kowloon Southern Link (KSL)  2009  DTO Internal Safety Audit to assess project conformance to Safety Program Plan.
    Guangzhou Line 3  2009  DTO Human factors (O&SHA) analysis, safety analysis review.
    Wuhan LRT Line 1 Phase 2  2010  DTO Human factors (O&SHA) analysis, safety analysis review.
  Kuala Lumpur      
    KL LRT2 – Kelana Jaya Line  1998  UTO Safety lifecycle, safety analysis, RAM support.
South Korea      
    Incheon Line 2 (IL2)  2014  UTO Preliminary SHA.
    Sin Bundang Line (SBL)  2011  UTO Safety assessment of issues with new, transponder-based positioning design, recommendations to address safety issues for SBL project and IL2.