Scientific Technical
Translation Incorporated

STTI Safety Engineering has been involved since the mid-90s in projects in Europe, the Middle East and Africa.


The table below shows selected projects from this region. For CBTC-related translation work, go to (link to CBTC translations (coming soon)).




Metro Project Rev. Service CBTC Type Responsibilities, Key Tasks
United Arab Emirates
    Dubai Metro Red Line (RL) 2009 UTO  Full safety lifecycle technical support in compliance with CENELEC 50126, 50128 and 50129, including responsibility for human factors (O&SHA) and (preliminary, design, pre-operational, final) system safety case strategy, preparation and  presentation.
Dubai Metro Green Line (GL) 2010 UTO Second phase for Dubai Metro; support integrated with and a continuation of that provided for RL.
    Docklands Light Railway (DLR) 1995 DTO Safety analysis support.
    DLR – Lewisham 1999 DTO Safety analysis, RAM support.
    LU Jubilee Line Extension (JLE) 1999 n/a Human factors (O&SHA) analysis for new central control facility.
Saudi Arabia
  Makkah (Mecca)     
    MMMP - Makkah Metro  2011  UTO  For Phase 1 (manual operation) install for Hajj 2010, safety guidance at system level (SHA/O&SHA/IHA), responsible for human factors (O&SHA) analysis and development of procedures for manual operation during Hajj 2010 (Phase 2 ATO install for Hajj 2011). 
    Ankara RT Line 1 1997 DTO Safety analysisRAM support.