Scientific Technical
Translation Incorporated
STTI's Core, Original Competency

STTI has been providing multilingual translation and localisation services since 1991, serving engineering, high technology, manufacturing and software companies and research bodies worldwide.

For details on STTI's translation and localisation story, go to T8N/L10N.

Since the beginning, STTI has also provided technical editing and revision for over 600 scientific conference papers, engineering reports and analyses, and other technical material.

STTI combines linguistic expertise with technical know-how, to ensure that all scientific and technical English material is edited not only for grammar, punctuation, style, consistency and locale (i.e., using sentence grammar, punctuation and style appropriate for the target country, whether Canada, the U.S., Great Britain or elsewhere internationally), but also for technical consistency, flow and comprehension, which are all related to the specific subject matter of the material being edited.